Travel Reimbursement

This is a closed meeting; attendance is by invitation only. The lead PI of invited CISE EWF projects will receive an invitation by email; it is the responsibility of the PI of the invited project to identify designated representatives for the project and ensure that the representatives are registered to attend the meeting. Invited CISE Education and Workforce projects can designate a maximum of 2 project personnel to attend. Each invited BPC Alliance can designate a maximum of 4 project personnel to attend, one of which should be the BPC Alliance’s evaluator.

Travel Reimbursement

We have secured funding to help cover flights, ground transportation, 2 days of food per diem and 2 nights of lodging costs for invited representatives of CISE EWF projects that are attending this event in-person. SageFox Consulting Group will be facilitating these reimbursements. We have estimated the costs for each individual, but if you think your flight will be over $600 or if you might need an extra night of lodging, please reach out as soon as possible so we can attempt to reallocate funds. The PI meeting is co-located with RESPECT. Should you attend RESPECT prior to the PI meeting travel reimbursement however will only cover travel to and from PA and two nights of lodging associated with the PI meeting. 

You will receive an email reminder following the conference that will include THIS LINK to submit for reimbursement and the deadline will be June 17th. Any submissions after this date will not be reimbursed unless prior approval has been granted. 

For reference, you will need to provide the following:

  • The name of the traveler or organization requesting reimbursement
  • The project affiliated with the meeting
  • Address to where check should be sent
  • Proper support documentation (clear receipts, map of travel if using personal vehicle, hotel folios, etc.) 
  • Total of requested reimbursement

If there are any questions, concerns, or again if you anticipate a flight over $600, please do not hesitate to reach out to Brianna at or call 413-256-6169.

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